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Better Health - Less Drugs

  Employees under regular chiropractic care have 60% less hospital admissions, 60% shorter stays, 62% less surgeries and 85% less pharmaceutical costs.

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Better Function - Less Stress

  Regular chiropractic care improves body function and resistance to illness.  Less stress equals less sickness, pain, and disease.

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High Quality - Less Cost

High quality care for less cost: Chiropractic care was found to cost 1/6th that of medical care in the rehabilitation of an injured, sick employee ($4,074 vs. $25,846: JMPT).

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Our Mission

Corporate Chiropractic Works provides custom, on-site chiropractic care to reduce stress, improve health and increase productivity by facilitating awareness, accessibility and affordability of care.



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Drs. Lisa and Don Conant focus on locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments) in people of all ages. The concern is that subluxation in the spine affects the nerves that control every cell, tissue and organ in the body.  If this nerve interference is left uncorrected, then body function (health) is altered, and symptoms, pain, or disease may develop. When your spine is cared for throughout your lifetime, the effect of the subluxations are minimized, and your body is able to function at its healthy best. 

For over 13 years Dr. Don and Dr. Lisa have been passionately helping families decrease stress, enjoy more energy, improve movement, and live a better quality of life.  Whether they care for you at your workplace or in private practice, their approach is very simple:  gentle, scientific, and highly effective chiropractic care for lifetime family wellness.


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Family Practice Location:

Located INSIDE Seacoast Sports Club (Portsmouth Athletic Club)

95 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH 03801



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